Christmas RARC Gathering 2011

December 9 , 2011


First State Bank Conference Room, Martin , TN

For the second year in a row, Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club elected to take advantage of the comfortable conference room at the First State Bank in Martin, TN. Also, since the experience was so positive last year, Kimsey Katering was again chosen to do the honors for the dinner.


We had an excellent turnout on a brisk night for the annual festivities - Brandon KJ4FTN and his friend Erica Clayton; Bob K9IL, RARC Vice-President and XYL Rose W9DHD with her mother Sylvia; Jamie WB4YDL with XYL June ; Jeff W5VNH and XYL Diana; Marv KK4MAC and XYL Ruth; Ray N4SLY and Dolly KN4SLY; Phillip N4PWG; James KJ4KIM; and Charles N4PPD. Glenn N4MJ, RARC President, was unable to make the celebration as XYL Linda had undergone (successful !) thyroid surgery that afternoon.

Also Noel KJ4UNX was unable to attend as well as Ottis K5BSE and Rhelda N5BSE. Noel and Marv are recent upgraders to General Class and Marv just finished installing his tower and HF antennas.

Door Prizes:

Once again the wonderful door prizes were provided by artisans Rose W9DHD and Bob K9IL. There were multiple versions of sleighs and Santas as well as snow houses and a snow man running "Field Day". I wonder if we could recruit him to help at the CW station next year ? Nah, don't think he could take the heat ! We were all very proud to receive one of these festive gifts that make the holiday season so much brighter.

The Meeting:

There was no formal business at this meeting, as is the tradition. The selections provided by Kimsey Katering, pork chops and chicken, were enjoyed by all, and the desserts were terrific. Of course much of the discussion was on Ms. Linda's condition and we were all relieved when word was received that she did just fine. The year 2011 was overall a good year for Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club. It began with excellent presentations and a great Hamfest - our 4th annual. Again we were able to contribute to the Family Readiness Group (FRG) of the 913th TN National Guard. Liability insurance was obtained for the club and the Obion County Public Library received subscriptions to both CQ and QST magazines. Field Day this year saw experiments with minimal antennas and this experience will carry over to next year. Several members received operational awards, a subject that was presented in a meeting by Jamie WB4YDL. Rose W9DHD successfully achieved DXCC and Jamie received VUCC and 5 band WAZ. Earlier in the year, it was learned that Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club had won the multi-operator, single transmitter class in Tennessee in the 2010 CQ Worldwide VHF Contest and Jamie WB4YDL received his first plaque winning the Delta Division, single-operator, high power in the 2011 ARRL RTTY Roundup.

The year 2012 will again feature great presentations and activities. The Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club will again sponsor the annual Ides of March Hamfest with an outlook to great visiting vendors and great prizes. RARC will again compete is class 3A during the annual ARRL Field Day event and at the same great location. As usual, an active Volunteer Examiner program will be maintained.

Epilogue :

The next regular scheduled RARC meeting will be on January 26, 2012 at the Obion County Public Library in Union City, TN. The Net Control Station and Refreshment assignments will be posted soon. Until next time ...


Have a Very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Good DX!