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This section of the web site will recap previous meetings and any discussion that was raised at these meetings or since that time. This will give the membership time to digest what was brought up and then pose any questions, comments, or suggestions. It will also have downloadable files of any pertinent program material presented at these meetings.

RARC Meeting April 28, 2016

The regular scheduled meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was called to order with 16 members in attendance. We welcome new member Jay Melton KW4LC from Carlisle County, KY to the club. The Treasurer's report was given by Jamie WB4YDL and old business was reviewed. The most recent Ides of March Hamfest data was reviewed and discussed. Everyone agreed that this hamfest was quite a success particularly given that it was on Easter weekend. All vendors were pleased with their results. The VE test session was also a resounding success and the Crockett County gang did a wonderful job. All agree that closing the front entrance was a good idea for control of entry - the resultant lines were short. A reserve coffee brewer will be obtained as the resident one malfunctioned causing some angst. Overall, it was a smooth operation that we hope to repeat next year.

Field Day 2016 will be on June 25-26th this year. Jamie WB4YDL briefly reviewed the Field Day rules including new bonus point opportunities with the Social Media bonus and the Safety Officer bonus. Steve KK4NNH who did a great job with the GOTA station last year, will again cover this position. A new antenna is being worked out and there's even thought to helium balloon elevated vertical antenna ! Jamie WB4YDL has acquired a HexLock by NN4ZZ that should make constructing, raising, and lowering the Spiderbeam a bit easier. Further details of the event will be discussed at next month's meeting.

Many thanks to Ray N4SLY and Dolly KN4SLY for providing refreshments for the evening's meeting. After the break, a video on the most recent DXpedition to Navassa Island was to have been shown. However, due to technical difficulties withe the library's equipment, this will be postponed to a later meeting.

RARC Meeting March 24, 2016

The regular scheduled meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was called to order with 12 members in attendance. We welcome new member Wilbur McWherter to the club. The Treasurer's report was given by Jamie WB4YDL and old business was reviewed. The entirity of the club meeting involved finalizing hamfest preparation. Setup begins at 1PM Friday at the armory. Some vendors will be arriving in Union City that afternoon. Hopefully we will have a good turn out on this Easter weekend. Many thanks to Ottis and Rhelda for providing refreshments for the meeting.

RARC Meeting February 25, 2016

The regular scheduled meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was called to order with 15 members and 2 visitors in attendance. We welcomed Larry Peal KJ4JLP from Crockett County and Wilbur McWherter to the meeting. The Treasurer's report was given by Jamie WB4YDL and old business was reviewed. Old business included a review of the National Parks on the Air program begun this year by the ARRL that will last all year. In addition to information given regarding changes in LOTW to make uploading of NPOTA contacts possible, Glenn N4MJ mentioned that he recently visited one of the possible sites, the Trail of Tears. Information on this is presented on the Facebook page.

The Ides of March Hamfest is quickly approaching. We will have one more club meeting just prior to the event. Setup will commence at the armory at 1 PM Friday, March 25th. The door and grand prize list is now set. Noel KJ4UNX will be our Super Grillmaster and will be preparing both burgers and barbecue. Awesome ! Ms. Linda is arranging kitchen help for concessions. Signage will essentially be the same as last year. Hand stamps for both entrances with cash boxes will be established. We'll see if putting the event on Easter Saturday has any effect ! With any luck, we may actually see a greater turnout.

Many thanks to Noel KJ4UNX and Laura for providing the refreshments for the club meeting. After the break, Gene KM4MUN showed a very nice Icom IC-211 All-Mode 2M transceiver that he acquired for only $150 on E-bay ! The annual officer "elections" occurred as they always had - by acclamation, all officers were re-elected. Glenn N4MJ did announce that it is coming up on 30 years for him being RARC President ! This was brought up to begin a possible transition of leadership. This means also taking the reins of the hamfest. No doubt this "seed" was planted for thought as this year progresses. The meeting concluded at this point.

RARC Meeting January 28, 2016

The regular scheduled meeting of the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club was called to order with 19 members in attendance. The Treasurer's report was given by Jamie WB4YDL and old business was reviewed. The most recent Christmas dinner held at Sassafraz Restaurant was successful and enjoyed by all. Other old business was reviewed including the addition of our Eagle Scout, Samuel KK4SJE.

The Ides of March Hamfest will be held on March 26th at the Tennessee National Guard Armory. An initial hamfest flyer was presented and needs to be firmed up prior to being sent. JMR Sales and Mid-South Amateur Radio Sales will be our two main vendors. Stan AA5XO, our newest member, has recently started an enterprise in ham radio and will also have a table at the vending area. As in previous years, setup will be on that Friday before the event at 1PM. Noel KJ4UNX will again be at the grill. The food and drink list is being finalized. Also the prize list is being finalized.

Glenn N4MJ gave a presentation on this year's ARRL event called National Parks on the Air. This is an all year event that involves activating national parks and other monument areas throughout the United States and chasing them and logging as many as possible to earn awards. To participate, Logbook of the World is required and an updated TQSL file is necessary. Instructions for this and all other details of this event are located at this LINK.

Another ARRL event is called Winter Field Day and just as in the big summer event, this is set up very much like it. ARRL sections are exchanged as well as whether you are operating indoors or outdoors. For more information on this seasonal contest, see this LINK.

Many thanks to Hannah KK4SJF for providing the refreshments for the meeting. After the break, Glenn N4MJ presented awards form the ARRL for the multi-op effort in last year's ARRL RTTY Roundup. K4RFT finished 1st in Tennessee section in the multi-operator, low power category. Operators for this event were Todd W4TZX, Jamie WB4YDL, Glenn N4MJ, Phil N4PWG, and Mike AK4VU. Congratulations !

Finishing off the meeting was discussion about the ongoing DXpeditions to South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia Islands. The hardships these hearty expeditioners are going through boggles the mind ! Their signals were not strong making it difficult to put them in the log but several in the club have been lucky to do so. A short video was shown on the 1993 expedition to these forbidding islands and that's were the meeting ended.

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